Audlem Saint James The Great Church

Sunday Worship

Helen will be broadcasting services at 10 am each Sunday during the current crises. Please ask Helen or the Wardens if you would like to join in but do not know how to do this.

A Palm Cross you may wish to cut out and hold during the Act of Worship




A Palm Sunday Act of Worship

         We join this day in glad and joyful praise.             

         We welcome Christ once more as our King,Lord, and Saviour –

              we promise him our loyalty,

              we bring him our love,

              we offer him our worship,

              we greet him with our wonder.

              Hosanna to the Son of David,

              Glory in the highest heaven

                            Call to worship

        God is here. Let us open our eyes to glory.
        God is here. Let us open our ears to word and Spirit.
        God is here. Let us open our lives to peace.
        God is here. Let us open our hearts and offer welcome.

    We reflect on some words from the Hymn “Meekness and Majesty”


         Meekness and Majesty, manhood and deity,

         In perfect harmony, the man who is God.

         Lord of eternity, dwells in humanity,

         Kneels in humility and washes our feet.


         Wisdom unsearchable, God the invisible,

         Love indestructible, in frailty appears.

         Lord of infinity, stooping so tenderly,

         Lifts our humanity, to the heights of his throne/


                             Act of Penitence 

          God pours love into the world, and makes all things new.
          God shares our lives, living in love among us.
          God longs for us, and offers us life.
          Let us bless our God of life and love.
                     Thanks be to God. Amen.




         Lord God of light, enter our past,

         Dispel the works of darkness,

         Destroy the deeds of evil;,

         Remove the thoughts of blackness

         Enter the recording room of our memories,

         Enter the dark room of guilt and shame,

         Enter the secret room of sins hidden or forgotten,

         Come, gracious Lord and forgive,

         Lord, Lord of Love, and set us free.

         Come, scatter our darkness within

         And draw us closer to You.

         For our Saviour, Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen.



         Act of Praise from Psalm 149     


       O sing to the Lord a new song; sing his praise in the assembly of the saints.

  Let God’s people rejoice in their maker;

       Let them praise his name with dancing, let them sing praise to him with tambourine and harp.

    For the Lord has pleasure in his people  and crowns the humble with salvation.

       Let the faithful be joyful in glory; let them rejoice in their ranks,

       With the praises of God in their mouths

       and a two-edged sword of his word in their hands;

    Blessed is he who comes in name of the Lord

    Hosanna in the highest . ALLELUIA!


Scripture Reading Mark 11 v1-11


Reflection on the Reading

Palm Sunday Reflection


I once heard a sermon on the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, where the preacher took nine different views of the event. These were the Historical, the Geographical, the Zoological, the Botanical, the Archaeological, the Sociological, the Christological, the Hymnological and the Eschartological. You can decide for yourself how each of these applies. The fact is that there are myriad ways we each can see every circumstance and situation.

Yet I think that there is one thing that inspires us, perhaps without realising it - it is Jesus’ vulnerability. This was the direct consequence of his decision to “hand himself over” and to become “passive” in the losing control of his circumstances kind of way. Vulnerability, of course, is something we naturally shy away from. It is associated with personal weakness, degradation and failure. In many societies, for a man to show vulnerability is seen as the ultimate denial of his manhood.

Yet vulnerability can, in a strange way, also be seen as strength. Perhaps this is captured well in the title to the well-known hymn “Meekness and Majesty”. There can be a kind of nobility than has the power to inspire rather than despise.

There are signs that our society, and even the church, is becoming more tolerant of vulnerability and to appreciate its essential presence in life for the making of whole people.

One of the “must see” T.V. programmes at the moment is an unlikely and surprising contender. It is one that allows vulnerability to be expressed in a good and hopeful way. It is “The Repair Shop”, which if you haven’t seen it, takes people’s broken and worn artefacts and restores them as living treasures.

Interestingly and, perhaps, the drawing point in the programme is that both the artefacts and their owners display vulnerability. The artefacts in their broken and often dishevelled state and the owners in the emotion that is evoked.

The point of the restoration is not that the artefacts end up looking brand new but with a new dignity of look and usefulness but still witnessing the marks of their history.

This seems to have a poignancy in the present times, by the gentle passive approach to restores by stripping away the messed up bits and the superficial gloss. It leads to a getting back to basics with freshness and hope.

This not far off what Jesus seems to be showing to us. The process can be painful and difficult but like the programme we have a skill craftsman working with us. One in whom we can have faith and express hope.

Here are some questions you may like to mull over.


How is vulnerability making itself present inn your life and lives of others as the present?


Can you find the faith to embrace it rather than fight it or deny it?


How can you see and respond to the dignity and strength of vulnerability in other people?


Prayers for others, the world around us and ourselves 


Lord God, in Jesus, you touched the suffering, listened to the ignored, gave the depressed something to hope for, you bandaged the broken with your love and restored them.

We believe that your power to restore is still present and so we call to you.

We remember those whose minds are menaced by thoughts which worry or wound them.  (pause)

We remember those whose hearts are broken because love has gone, or their light turned to darkness.   (pause)

We remember those whose minds will not let them rest, their lives endlessly walking in circles.    (pause)

We remember those body or mind are filled with pain.    (pause)

O Christ, put your hands where our prayers have beckoned.


Circle us Lord

Keep protection Near

And danger afar

Circle us Lord

Keep Hope within

Keep doubt without

Circle us Lord

Keep Light near

Keep darkness afar

Circle us Lord

Keep peace within