Audlem Saint James The Great Church

Helen's Letter

Dear Friends,

In September we were the grateful recipients of apples growing in friends gardens, back in the spring, from a various friends, we enjoyed rhubarb.  We then shared the fruit on by our baking: apple cake and rhubarb and white chocolate muffins and then giving those to friends. 

There is something very lovely about sharing the fruits of different “harvests”.  Of course most of the time it does not come as a gift but in return for money –in our economy that’s how most things happen and a worker is worth their wages. 

When the food comes from friends then our connection to the food we eat is strong, but it is only since I have been Vicar in dairy farming areas that I have begun to glimpse some of the struggles and worries that are regular occurrences in their lives. But their experience echo different but very important anxieties which farmers around the world face, about a glut of their product, the “wrong” weather, etc but if then there is war, flood, tornado, hurricane and it is all destroyed… we cannot begin to imagine what it is like, especially if there is no insurance.

Harvest is the time when we remember that while some food does “grow on trees” there is a lot of work and worry and risk that goes into the journey from tree to mouth for most of our food stuffs.  As we celebrate God’s  generosity and human creativity and ingenuity  we give thanks for all those in the production chain – without whom our plates would not be as tasty or in the production chain – without whom our plates would not be as tasty or interesting.  And we pray for justice and a fair price for our food producers and a more equal sharing of the world’s resources for all.